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Spring Training

This past week with the dawn of spring and milder temperatures on the horizon I decided to move my training from the ease of controlled pace, limited inclines, and comfortable conditions on the treadmill in the basement to the rural road and the reality of spring potholes, rough gravel, uneven pavement, melting ice, snow, and wind. My first outdoor 4-miler of 2017 is in the books with a time of 46:04 and I am quite happy with this because I didn’t push myself and I didn’t need a walking break – even on the hills.

During my winter training sessions on the treadmill I have gradually improved my endurance by doing 3 or 4 mile runs at least three times a week. Additionally, without focussing on time, I have lowered my pace from over 12 minutes per mile to slightly under 11 minutes. In April, I am planning on increasing my long run to 5 miles and doing 4 miles on the other days. I would also like to improve my pace, but at this point my main focus will remain on endurance.

In other news, this little deer has been hanging out in my backyard for a week or so and this is a solid sign that spring is here.

I am going to sign up for the Miramichi Rock ‘n Roll 10K on June 25, so I have approximately 3 months to get ready.


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

This week’s photo challenge theme at the Daily Post is “The Golden Hour“.

Yesterday, I ventured out for an early  morning stroll and then again in the evening to a beaver pond not far from my place hoping to capture a nice shot of the beavers busy at work but to no avail.  I was not exactly surprised because when I have my camera there is never any action at the pond.

During my morning outing I took a couple of photos of the river on the way to the pond. For my evening picture – a field of weeds taken on my way home was the best I could do. Then, about a hundred meters from my driveway I heard something. I stopped and waited and before long a familiar sight stepped out of the ditch and made her way across the road, slow enough for me to snap my evening photos.


Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Though My Eyes

This week’s photo challenge at the Daily Post is “The World Through My Eyes“.

This morning on the way to town I spotted something off in the distance in the ditch beside the highway. With the arrival of summer and warmer temperatures two moose were out for a morning stroll. I slowed down and waited for them to belt across the highway.  However, they lingered long enough for me to pull over, get the camera out and snap a few photos for this week’s challenge.

moose 3

moose 6

moose 7

moose 9