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Is it really spring?

The calendar may indicate spring, but the temperature and outdoor conditions are still wintry. It is a challenge to go out and run in the cold, surrounded by snow-covered landscapes, but I need a break from the boredom of the treadmill.

When I step out the door I feel so cold and miserable and I am tempted to return to my warm house. However, if I can withstand the freezing temperatures for a few minutes I will survive. So, I walk as fast as possible for 10 minutes to warm up before running. Thank goodness, in a few minutes, I start sweating and quickly forget about the frosty weather.

Last week I did three 3-mile runs and one 4-mile run. The running trails near my place are still too icy, so this means that I am limited to the main rural highway and some side roads in my neighborhood. Luckily there is virtually no traffic on the side roads, so it is possible to run in the center of the street where the pavement is less damaged and there are fewer potholes. Nonetheless, I have to pay close attention to my footing to avoid injuries and by doing this I usually miss the nature around me. There were lots of deer on the roads, but my huffing and puffing sent them running in the woods, making it difficult for me to get my camera out in time to snap many photos. 






Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

If you ask me one of the most familiar and sought after changes in Canada is the change from winter to spring. We all know that the official start of spring on the calendar is no guarantee there won’t be one or two more weeks of nasty weather. And with snow, sleet, and ice pellets forecast for most of the country this weekend; it looks like this change has been delayed across the country. Just my luck, the year I return home it would be a one month transition from winter to spring. At this point, I am hoping there will be no spring and we will go straight to summer – this would be a welcome change. Yet, in spite of the current weather conditions, the birds and squirrels hanging out in my backyard tell me that spring is just around the corner.

 change 2

change 6

change 5

change 1

change 4

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End of Winter?

Yesterday, the last day of winter, ended with clear skies, slightly warmer temperatures and the hope that the long, brutal winter that most of the country had endured was in sight. Although it was still a bit on the chilly side, I went for an early morning run on a woods road near my house and was optimistic that the weather had taken a turn for the better.

almost spring

On the way to my running trail (woods road) I got a nice photo of a couple of deer which were also out for a run.

almost spring 5

There were also a few  deer strolling along the road and I managed to snap some photos on my run.

almost spring 2

almost spring 3

At the end of my run, I was quite surprised when I checked my Garmin and realized that I had covered three miles in 30:20 in spite of slowing down to take the photos.  Not only was I happy with my time I was also looking forward to spring.

Oh yes, according to the calendar, today is the first day of spring in Canada, but you would never know it from the weather in my neighborhood.

almost spring 6

This time yesterday I was certain that winter was over. Now, I am wondering what happened in the night? Did the winter Gods come back? And why did I put the snow blower away?

almost spring 10

The only one enjoying the snow at my place is Golden Tips.

almost spring 9