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Running Update – End of Summer 2017

Two days ago, I took part in my second Terry Fox Run in Renous, a small community, located  in central New Brunswick. The weather was perfect for running – cool and cloudy, but only a few people showed up for the event. The participants could choose their distance from 1 to 5K  and I decided to do the full distance. The race started at 1:30 and I was really surprised that no one was running – every one walked at a leisurely pace and so did I.

At the end of the walk, every one stood around and the organizers announced the 50-50 draw winner, and the winners of the Chinese auction prizes. I went home empty-handed. This was by far the most boring running event that I have taken part in and next year I will select a Terry Fox event that attracts a crowd. 

Later in the afternoon,  I went out for a long, slow run on the trail near my place. The trees are changing colors and the leaves are gently falling to the ground and the birds are moving south – all the signs of nature indicating that summer is drawing to an end and that I should prepare a fall plan for exercise. 



Running Update – Summer 2017

My spring training slowed when I landed a part-time job (20-30 hours a week) at the garden center in town. Physical exercise was a big part of the job – watering, rearranging plants, trimming shrubs and trees, dead-heading flowers, sweeping up debris, and loading soil for customers. When I wasn’t busy doing these chores I had to operate the cash register. Overall, it was enjoyable, but physically demanding work which left me exhausted at the end of my shift, so I limited my running to 3 miles every second day. I also had to work on the weekends which meant missing out on local running events.

The garden center closed a couple of weeks ago and now my training is back on schedule. Last week I did a couple of 3-mile runs and two longer sessions of 4 miles each. Although my focus is on distance rather than time my pace has gradually improved from over 12 minutes per mile a few months ago to slightly less than 11 minutes.

This week I did my first 5-mile run this year, with a fairly decent pace over the first half and then a dreadfully slow pace for the second half. The main thing is I did 5 miles in less than an hour! Yesterday, I set out to do four miles, but my Garmin battery went dead before I hit the 2-mile mark, so I slowed down, walked some, took some photos, ate some blueberries, and jogged home.

Running is not a chore

The second week of training was a slight improvement over the first week, but a solid reminder that I have a long way to go get in shape. Total distance for the week was 13.7 miles. I also decided that I would do 4 runs a week to make it easier to establish a regular routine. Previously I would rarely run two days in a row and opted for every second day but this makes for a messier schedule. However, my plan to run four days didn’t happen in week three and my weekly mileage decreased to just over ten miles.

On non-running days I did yoga, stretching and brisk walking, but these activities are a bit boring, so I need to replace them with something more interesting. I am just not sure what at this point.  Actually, exercise seems like a chore sometimes, something that I don’t want to do but have to do – not exactly  the way I should be feeling after less than a month into 2017. On a positive note, there is snow in the forecast, so I am looking forward to some cross-country skiing this week.