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Running is not a chore

The second week of training was a slight improvement over the first week, but a solid reminder that I have a long way to go get in shape. Total distance for the week was 13.7 miles. I also decided that I would do 4 runs a week to make it easier to establish a regular routine. Previously I would rarely run two days in a row and opted for every second day but this makes for a messier schedule. However, my plan to run four days didn’t happen in week three and my weekly mileage decreased to just over ten miles.

On non-running days I did yoga, stretching and brisk walking, but these activities are a bit boring, so I need to replace them with something more interesting. I am just not sure what at this point.  Actually, exercise seems like a chore sometimes, something that I don’t want to do but have to do – not exactly  the way I should be feeling after less than a month into 2017. On a positive note, there is snow in the forecast, so I am looking forward to some cross-country skiing this week.


Strength Training

When it comes to running I rarely deviate from my training plans. Every two months I plan my running schedule and I generally manage to follow it even when I have no event to train for.  I am able to stay disciplined and maintain a consistent running schedule of at least three or four days a week.

However, I cannot say the same thing with respect to my strength training routine. Although I know that an excellent way to improve your running and overall health is to include strength training into your exercise program I often skip these workouts.

I put this note on my fridge to remind me to do STRENGTH TRAINING.

I put this note on my fridge to remind me to do STRENGTH TRAINING.

Lifting weights, doing squats, planks, lunges, push-ups or other boring exercises to strengthen my upper body and improve my core muscles are just not fun. Additionally, after a long day of work, I usually lack the energy or desire to do strength training in the evening.

This scenario has to change. I have to find the motivation to stick with a strength training regime for more than a couple of weeks. Thus, starting this week, on Tuesday and Thursday, I am going to get up 30 minutes earlier so that I can do at least a 30-minute workout at least twice a week before work. I hope this approach will be more successful than trying to do strength training in the evening.

Practice 5K in less than 33 (mini-goal)

The last couple of days have been pretty busy at work and I considered skipping this morning’s workout. Yet, it is the weekend (Thursday and Friday in Oman) and I couldn’t find a valid excuse other than feeling a bit lazy. I must admit since I started running almost seven months ago there have been a few occasions when I felt like skipping a run or training session but I have forced myself out the door. Luckily, once I am outside and on my way the feeling of laziness, tiredness or lack of motivation quickly passes and I am able to focus on the day’s training plan.

Today’s schedule called for a 5K run followed by 20 minutes of jogging. Recently, I have been able to run 5K, without any walking breaks, in about 33.30 to 35.00 minutes.  This may not sound fast to seasoned runners but a few months ago I could barely run 3K in 30 minutes. Moreover, running 5K without taking a couple of walking breaks seemed like an impossible dream.

My first practice 5K in under 33 minutes!

This morning was cool and windy.  After warming up for about ten minutes I hit my timer and started running at about 5:30. When I reached the 2K marker I glanced at my watch and saw that my time was slightly under 14 minutes so, I continued until the 2.5K marker. Then, I turned and ran back to the starting point as fast as I could. Needless to say I was delighted when I realized that I completed a practice 5K in less than 33 minutes for the first time.

Making even a small improvement keeps me motivated and on track to reach my goal of running 5K in less than 30 minutes.