Training Plans

What is the C25K plan?

This program developed by Cool Running takes a couch potato  from no running to running  5Km. The beginning weeks call for walk/run workouts that gradually increase in difficulty, 9 weeks later when you are running up to five kilometers. You have a choice to either run for distance or for time in C25K.  However, early in the program it is generally simpler to run for time – running for 60 seconds is much easier to contemplate than figuring how out far 200 yards is.

To stick to the plan, I created an  Excel worksheet to schedule my running days.  You are welcome to use this C25K Training Plan.  First, download it to your computer, then open it up and enter your starting date and name. (It will automatically determine your running days.) Save the changes and then  print it and follow your personalized plan.

If you need some music to get you through your workouts  try Robert Ullrey’s Assisted Workout and Training Podcasts which can be downloaded for free.

When the 5K distance is no longer a challenge, it is time to move onto the Bridge-to-10K Plan (B210K). This plan is designed to help C25K graduates get ready to run 10K .

If you are not ready for the B210K then you could try the Penquin B210K version which is useful for slower and slightly older runners.

After you have been running for a year or so then you might be interested in trying a 7-Week 10K Training Plan that I designed based on distance to help me conquer 10K.

Lastly, here is a 10-Week 10K Training Plan I designed to help me prepare for a 10K in less than 60 minutes.


13 responses to “Training Plans

  1. Thank you so much for the spreadsheet! You are so cool.

  2. I love Ullrey’s podcasts. They were how I got started and I love that you had a spreadsheet to track your training!

  3. awesome

  4. Thanks for the info and links. 🙂 Glad you visited my blog.

  5. I am enjoyying browsing through your blog. I am a walker who wants to add some running. This is a great plan.

  6. Love the workout schedule… I will have to try this out!

    • I started with this schedule and it kept me motivated. A few weeks after completing it I adapted the Bridge-to-10K plan and hopefully it is going to help me get faster and run a longer distance.

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