Trail Run (4 miles)

Once a week I drive to a trail for a 4-mile run. It is a relatively flat surface, so it is a nice change from the hilly, rough gravel road that I train on most days. I start at the old train bridge that is part of the NB Trail network in Renous. RQ2 Then, I look down the Renous River to the Quarryville Bridge crossing the Southwest Miramichi River from Quarryville to White Rapids. RQ3I wonder if I will be able to make it down to the bridge and back without collapsing. The actual distance between the two bridges, according to my Garmin, is a little more than a mile.RQ11

RQ10The first mile is always the most difficult for me and if I can make it to the bridge without stopping I am motivated to run under the bridge and eventually make my way to the next section of the trail. RQ5RQ6From there I keep waddling on until my Garmin alarm rings to let me know that I have hit the halfway point and I eagerly turn around and head back to Renous. The second half is tougher than the first, but I have to continue in order to get back to my vehicle. I walk for a few seconds, take a few photos, and force myself to restart. RQ8RQ7This scenario repeats itself two or three more times. I trudge on listening patiently for my Garmin to single the end of my run. (Some days the annoying bell-sound  is the most wonderful sound in the world.)RQ9RQ4Finally, I walk for roughly five minutes to cool down and do some stretching before slowly climbing the steps to the church parking lot.  RQ12My legs ache and I silently imagine, that somewhere in the near future, I will have the energy and strength to run up these steps.



5 responses to “Trail Run (4 miles)

  1. Looking forward to your recent update

  2. Wow what a view!

  3. I know what you mean about the annoying Garmin signal. Sometimes I love it so much. And wow! That trail and the path to the church. So beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous pictures- what a beautiful trail to run on!

  5. Enjoyed reading this and following your run 🙂

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