Running Data – March 2015

Although March was a very busy month at work I managed to stay on schedule with my training. My goal was to run 5K (3.1miles)  two or three times a week and do a four mile (6.4K) run every Friday and I did this.  I also recorded the  temperatures before going out for my runs.  On days when the temperature was above 85° F (30° C)  I was tempted to stay at home, but  I refused to use the weather as an excuse not to run. 

Looking over the running data for March  it appears that the temperature did not make a huge  difference on my pace – I am pretty slow no matter what the weather conditions are.  The average temperature for March was 85.7° F (30° C) and my average pace was 11:26 per mile. During the last week and a half when the mercury slipped above 90° F (32° C) I needed to walk more, but after these short walking pauses,  I was able to increase my pace a little, so that my overall time remained between 35 and 36 minutes for 5K.


I know that April will be slightly hotter than March, but I am going to follow the same running schedule. Additionally, I would like to try to cover 5K in less than 35 minutes on a regular basis. This will not be easy, but I feel motivated enough to push myself a little harder to reach this goal.


3 responses to “Running Data – March 2015

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Slow Happy Runner. I don’t think I could ever run in temperatures that warm!

  2. Great job! I have lost a good bit of the speed I gained last fall. Hoping to get it back soon. Funny thing with running, you can lose what you gain so fast and it is slow to return. But it will return. Consistency is the key.

  3. Oh the heat is on the rise. Good for you being consistent!

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