Ready for March

In February my goal was to run at least three times a week without any pressure to meet time or distance goals. This is not easy because I tend to be competitive with myself, always trying to go a little faster or farther. So, I used the training option on my Garmin to make sure I didn’t go over 5K or 3 miles. I also allowed myself to walk when necessary. I turned off my watch as soon as I heard the alert without looking at the data. I only missed the alert once and somehow ended going a bit longer than planned.

Then for my second last run in February I decided to do an early morning run and increase the distance to four miles. The other outings are late afternoon runs after a day of work or weekend chores – grocery shopping, laundry, and housework. I didn’t look at my Garmin data until this morning to see how I did.


Overall, I seemed to be slower as the month progressed but I am very pleased with my four mile run on Friday. However, I can’t explain why my pace for my long run was considerably faster than the shorter ones. Perhaps the slower pace might have something to do with the increasing temperatures or additional work duties in the second half of the month. Additionally, the weather was much cooler so maybe I was able to go a bit faster without realizing this.

Now, I feel ready for March. I will continue with the same strategy – no time pressure, walking breaks when necessary and  a  5K (3.1miles) run two or three times a week. The only difference will be   a four mile (6.4K) run every Friday. I am also going to record the afternoon temperatures when I head out for my runs to see how this data impacts my pace. On the non-running days I will do 45 minutes of yoga, stretching, or swimming and if time permits I will do a brisk thirty minute walk in the evening.


One response to “Ready for March

  1. Awesome dedication! That is a great idea to keep track of the temperature. Here’s to a wonderful March!

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