Goal for 2015 – Start Running Again

February is here and I still have not set any goals for 2015. Last year I failed miserably with my New Year’s Resolutions and running goals. It was a tough year that saw little success and several setbacks. For every step forward I seemed to take two backwards.

The only event I participated in was the Muscat 10K around this time last year. Then in the summer I injured my leg and couldn’t train for several weeks and was unable to take part in any summer races. By late fall, after returning to Oman, I started to run again but lacked the necessary motivation to work out regularly. Basically, a few runs here and there but no real commitment.

Presently, my schedule is not ideal (split shifts) and most evenings after a long, exhausting day at work I am too tired to venture out for a run and opt for a long walk – so much easier than running. I can walk miles without aches and pains whereas running stretches my muscles, tires my legs and has me huffing and puffing. While walking I listen to stories and reports from NPR (National Public Radio) that I download at work and copy to my mp3 player. These informative reports keep me on top of what is happening in the United States and around the world. After listening to “Study: Running May Help You Live Longer”  I realize that I need to move faster. Time to get back into running. Walking  90 minutes or longer every evening after work is good but running 30 to 45 minutes would be better.

So, my main goal for 2015 is to start running again. No more sitting around feeling tired and grumpy because I have a full workload and a less than ideal schedule.  This is not an excuse to neglect my health and to give up an enjoyable activity.


One response to “Goal for 2015 – Start Running Again

  1. Good luck! We’ve had a lot of really cold weather and ice and I didn’t run one single day last week. (I normally at least run Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.) I hoped to do better this week but today it is snowing AGAIN. I’m going to really try and get on the treadmill and not make excuses.

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