Where are the Persian Steps?

A couple of days ago my friends and I  left Nizwa, ready and eager to climb the Persian Steps to the top of Jebel Akhdar. We headed to Izki, eventually making our way to Qaroot Al Janubiyah, a small town at the foot of Jebel Akhdar. According to my directions, gathered from a couple of websites and several colleagues, we should drive through this town into a wadi, look for a small, one-room hut and park our vehicle and go on foot from here into the gorge that was straight ahead. This is exactly what we did.

Our plan was to locate the Persian Steps and climb up to Jebel Akhbar to see the same spectacular views experienced by the ancient Persians who built the steps many centuries ago. The gorge was quiet and peaceful as we hiked over massive boulders and encountered some curious goats. We continued for about twenty minutes but we couldn’t locate any steps.

We stopped for a short water break and debated whether or not to continue looking for the steps or to forget about them. I wanted to keep searching; Achmed and Rachel wanted to hike farther into the gorge. Sefa complained constantly about the heat and wanted to go back home. In the end, I sided with Achmed and Rachel because if we couldn’t climb the steps I at least wanted to get some exercise. So, we spent the next three hours hiking though a gorge with no final destination in mind.

Although we did not stumble across the Persian Steps we had a fun day of hiking and we got plenty of exercise.


6 responses to “Where are the Persian Steps?

  1. yaaaa it was a very nice day with nice friends

  2. I love to hike. Looks like you had a fun day.

  3. Good luck finding those steps, Lori. Do you know Mario? He knows where they are. So does David Wright, I think. I know they’re there somewhere. At least you got some good exercise! 🙂

  4. This looks beautiful! Looking forward to some excursions!

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