Strength Training

When it comes to running I rarely deviate from my training plans. Every two months I plan my running schedule and I generally manage to follow it even when I have no event to train for.  I am able to stay disciplined and maintain a consistent running schedule of at least three or four days a week.

However, I cannot say the same thing with respect to my strength training routine. Although I know that an excellent way to improve your running and overall health is to include strength training into your exercise program I often skip these workouts.

I put this note on my fridge to remind me to do STRENGTH TRAINING.

I put this note on my fridge to remind me to do STRENGTH TRAINING.

Lifting weights, doing squats, planks, lunges, push-ups or other boring exercises to strengthen my upper body and improve my core muscles are just not fun. Additionally, after a long day of work, I usually lack the energy or desire to do strength training in the evening.

This scenario has to change. I have to find the motivation to stick with a strength training regime for more than a couple of weeks. Thus, starting this week, on Tuesday and Thursday, I am going to get up 30 minutes earlier so that I can do at least a 30-minute workout at least twice a week before work. I hope this approach will be more successful than trying to do strength training in the evening.


8 responses to “Strength Training

  1. Oh my goodness. You and me both! Why is strength training so hard? I’ll try to be better too. I just printed your picture and am putting it on my fridge as well.

  2. Thanks for this post, I struggle with this as well. I practice my running training 6 days a week consistently through snow, ice, rain and heat. But strength training and core work is my achilles tendon so to speak. Such a good reminder. Good for you to publicly announce your intentions. Catbirdinamerica is so right with the factor of accountability! One of the sure fire routes to establishing a habit of something that is less fun is to establish a thread of accountability. Good luck 🙂

  3. Good for you to set a plan for yourself and then put it out here for the world to see. It helps make you accountable! Good luck, especially as it gets hotter in Oman. 🙂

  4. Me too! Since coming to Dubai I have been struggling to get into a routine. No races to train for. We have yet to find a gym because we are unsure of where we will live permanently. As it heats up I am not sure how it will work. Do you run outside in the summer months? I really dislike the treadmill, not looking forward to the heat.

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