2014 Running and Exercise Goals

I fell short on my running goals for 2013. My progress stagnated and no matter how hard I tried it was an uphill battle to reach the goals that I set in January. By mid-spring I knew a half-marathon was not in the books for me. The motivation was not lacking but my body was not cooperating with my mind. Pushing harder only made the situation worse and rather than give up running I lowered my distance and stopped concentrating on pace. The bottom line in my case it is necessary to accept that speed intervals and hill workouts do not belong on my training plan.

For the second half of the year my goal became running 5K without experiencing pain and then slowly building up to a longer distance. It was like starting all over again except that my starting point was 5K and I added a little more on my weekend runs. By the end of 2013 I was able to run 3 or 4 miles three days a week and then do a 5-mile run on the weekend. I try running without breaks but if I need a short walking pause then I take it.

This year I am going to keep my exercise goals simple and realistic. First, I would like to continue my running journey by gradually increasing distance. At present, as mentioned above, my long run is 5 miles and my main goal is to build up to 10K (6.2 miles). I want to feel comfortable running this distance consistently without walking breaks before moving on to a longer distance.

My second goal is to enter three 10K races in 2014. The first race will be at the Muscat Marathon on January 31st. With less than a month before this event I am concentrating on completing the distance and not time. After this race I will have some time before returning to Canada for a couple of summer 10Ks.

My final goal is to be active every day. I plan on monitoring my activity levels on non-running days by using my pedometer to ensure that I make it to the 10,000 step mark on a regular basis.


3 responses to “2014 Running and Exercise Goals

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  2. I work in a 5 story building and I have to go to many different floors each day. I make it a point to never take the elevator unless I have a large package. I also park far out in the parking lots when I go shopping. Every little bit helps. Good luck this year!

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