Resolutions – How did I do in 2013?

2013 resolutionsLooking back over my 2013 resolutions I have to admit that my success rate was less than 50%. Of my five resolutions I was only successful in two. I did not eat potato chips or use a single package of paper towels last year. Here is what happened to the other three resolutions.

Improve my French – My plan was to set aside one hour, three times a week, to brush up on my French. Unfortunately, every time I opened my French book or computer to study I lost interest within thirty minutes. Way too boring to actually sit down and study. Instead I decided to listen to French radio and watch more French TV instead of always watching German or English TV. Also, I used every opportunity available to practice with French speakers. In the end, my ability in French has improved without sitting down with a book.

Learn a new skill every month – I had great intentions but I missed the boat on this one. I started out on the right foot with skiing lessons in January but within a couple of months I seemed to have forgotten this resolution.

Reduce chocolate consumption – I failed miserably with this resolution for the second year in a row. In the last two years I have managed to give up potato chips and soda pop. This year, I tried desperately to reduce my chocolate consumption. At times I was successful but on way too many occasions I grabbed a chocolate bar to munch on when I felt hungry or stressed.

As this year draws to a close it is time to think about my 2014 resolutions.


3 responses to “Resolutions – How did I do in 2013?

  1. Chocolate is such a joy though. I once gave it up for Lent. It felt like 40 years 😉

  2. I’d say you did pretty well overall! 🙂

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