A Rumour of Rain

Yesterday, as I arrived at work in bright sunshine, little wind and warm temperatures I was informed by an enthusiastic student that we would not be having class because it was raining in some town, not far from the college. Judging by the sky, I quickly responded that it was just a “rumour of rain” and I expected to see him in class for our practice test.

A couple of hours later, at the end of my first class, a colleague came to advise the students that they should leave for home by 11:15. It was no longer a “rumour of rain”. The sounds of happy students could be heard throughout the corridors as they left to go home before the rain started. I was also excited that I could begin my weekend a little earlier than planned. Although a scheduled workshop for teachers would go ahead in spite of the “rain” I assumed that as soon as it was over we would be allowed to leave work. Well, this did not happen. I guess “driving in the rain” is very dangerous for students but for not so dangerous for teachers.

Then this morning for the first time since my arrival in Nizwa the construction workers did not wake me up. It was dead quiet at six and I wondered why. After stretching I set out for this morning’s run and I soon discovered the reason. It must have rained really hard at some point in the night – enough to stop construction work but not enough to stop me.



There was almost no traffic on the streets and I decided this would be a nice morning for a slow run in my neighbourhood. My side of the street was extremely muddy and I didn’t want to ruin my sneakers so I walked to the intersection and crossed over to the other side to begin my run.


There was no mud but lots of water!



Luckily, most of the water was on the road level and I could run on the sidewalk.  I continued jogging and jumping over puddles until I ran out of sidewalks (at 1.3 miles) and then I took a road that I thought would lead to the wadi I normally cross to get to the Nizwa exercise trail. Soon, I realized that my nice, dry running path was now a soft, muddy way to the wadi.


A half a mile later, I approached the wadi but without a boat it would be impossible to get to the other side. I stopped for some photos and stretching and then headed home. (Total distance: 3.5 miles in 37:50 – stopped Garmin for photos)




3 responses to “A Rumour of Rain

  1. Looks like you had a refreshing run!

  2. Rain and dull light certainly make for some beautiful photos! Great run 🙂

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