Rock ‘N Roll 5k Race Report

A week ago I took part in the Rock ‘n Roll 5K event in Miramichi, on June 23, 2013. Before the race got under way I met a couple of fellow runners who I hadn’t seen in two years. We chatted and posed for a pre-race photo. These guys ran a 10K the day before but looked fresh and ready to tackle the half-marathon.  (I can’t imagine doing 10K and then a half-marathon the next day!)


Gail and Bill posed with me for a pre-race photo.

Route – The Miramichi Rock ‘n Roll Run for all three events (half-marathon, 10K and 5K) all set off in front of the Civic Center on King George Highway, the main drag in the city. The first and last kilometer of each distance was along the same closed route but the rest of the way was in open traffic, along the side of the road or on the sidewalk. For the 5K distance the runners ran along this street and onto the Miramichi Bridge, with the turn-around point on the bridge, then back towards Pleasant Street and then via Jane Street to the finish line in Queen Elizabeth Park (town square).


I am somewhere near the back of this pack of runners!

Pre-race Goal – My objective entering the race was to finish between 31 and 32 minutes. This seemed like a reasonable goal considering that most of my training runs over this distance recently have been between 31:30 and 33 minutes.

Race – For the first kilometer of the race, with so many runners, it was difficult to get going until we encountered a slight uphill stretch onto the bridge.  This slowed many runners, including me and it also put some distance between participants. My body wanted to stop for a brief walking break but a pause before the halfway point was not an option. I pushed forward and a little later I reached the turn-around point. I slowed my pace a bit and continued until about the 3.5K point before I allowed myself a short 15-second walking break. From here I attempted to stay ahead of the runners behind me and tried to catch up with the young lady a couple of meters in front of me. I managed to pass her when she began to fade near the end of the race. Unfortunately, I was also fading and several runners whizzed by me on the way to the finish line.

Start of the race.

Start of the race.

Runners on the way to the finish line.

Runners on the way to the finish line.

Where is the finish line?

300 meters to go – just keep moving!

Silver medal for ladies aged 50-59.

Silver medal for ladies aged 50-59.

Result – In the end, I crossed the finish line in just over 31 minutes. I was pleased with this time and quite surprised when I heard that I was second in my age group. For my efforts I got a nice silver medal as well as a finisher’s medal.

Me at the end of the race with my finisher's medal.

Me at the end of the race with my finisher’s medal.

Distance: 5K

Time: 31:04

Age Group: 2/8

Overall: 56/126


3 responses to “Rock ‘N Roll 5k Race Report

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  2. Congrats! Awesome job!

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