Running 5K without pain is better than 10K with pain

With just a couple of weeks to go until race day I must admit that I am not ready for a 10K. Thanks to a nagging hamstring injury, I have had to cut too many long runs short. In addition, my cross training has been limited to stretching and an occasional bike ride.

Last Sunday, I attempted to run a practice 10K but I only managed 8.85 kilometers (5.5 miles) and it took me over an hour (1:02:35) and two full days to recover. This is a pretty good indication that reaching my pre-race goal of a sub 60 will be impossible. Moreover, when I look at my training journal and stats for the past few weeks it is obvious that I cannot complete 10K without walking breaks and stress on my injured leg. For some reason, once I go past 3.5 miles (5.6 km) my leg starts to ache. When I continue at a much slower pace the pain eases but does not stop.

REMINDER – Running should be fun and pain-free! My body is telling me to take it easy even if my mind keeps telling me to push forward for another mile or two. In the end, running 5K without pain is better than 10K with pain. So for now, I will listen to my body and concentrate on running the shorter distance with cross training and rest in order to allow my body to heal.

It would be fantastic if I could do 5K in about 30 minutes but at this point my new race day goal is to finish pain-free.


5 responses to “Running 5K without pain is better than 10K with pain

  1. Thanks for the reminder that running should be fun, not painful. I needed to see that today!

  2. I think that’s a good sentiment. I have never run more than five miles at one time in my life, I don’t think, so I’m in awe of those who can!

  3. I enjoy runing, I run slowly, 5k in 30 minutes will be a goal far too hight to me 🙂

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