Unplanned Relay for Heart Race

tech t-shirtLast Friday I was listening to the radio and heard about a local race taking place not far from my home in Miramichi so I decided to participate in a 10K instead of doing my scheduled long run on Saturday. Actually, what caught my attention was the $10 entrance fee which included a tech t-shirt, a subway sandwich and snacks after the race, followed by a draw for prizes. I figured even if I had to walk some during the race I would come home with a new t-shirt and a full belly.

After a week of gorgeous weather it rained on Saturday and only a few people showed up for the Relay for Heart race in Miramichi. This could be viewed both positively and negatively. On the one hand, I would have a better chance at winning a prize and on the other finishing last would be a greater possibility.

I arrived early and registered for the race at 8:30 and then went off to do some chores in town before returning for the race start at 11:00. I do not like running in the rain especially if it is accompanied by low temperatures and wind so I signed up for the 5K instead of the 10K.  Good decision because by race time the thermometer dropped to about 5 degrees.

Race – The run was on a trail that starts on the river and heads south towards Loggieville and then crosses the road and continues in the woods. The path was well maintained in comparison to the running trail in my village. I didn’t know anyone at the event but it was clear to me that the others were all buddies and were busy chatting as we started to run along the trail.

start of trail

By the time we hit the 1K marker I was able to pass a few ladies who were doing the 10K and somewhere around the 2K marker the chatty 10K runners went off in another direction and the path was quiet. At this point, I could see the water boy at the 5K turnaround point, one lady slightly ahead of me and a few behind me. Although I was not thirsty I took a cup of water and stopped to drink it. (I need to learn to keep moving while drinking.) This short water stop allowed the other runner to get way ahead of me and I knew it would be impossible to catch up.

running trail

Now, it was time to maintain my pace and make sure that I would not need a walking break which would allow the other ladies in the 5K to catch up and pass me. This strategy worked and I finished the race in 31:23, a few minutes faster than the next group of runners.

new sports bagI was too wet and cold to stay and wait for the 10K runners to finish so I changed into some dry clothes and waited in the hotel lobby where  the meal and draw prizes would  take place. There was lots of food and some nice prizes for all of the participants. I won a sports bag; I won’t have to carry my running gear in a recycling bag anymore.


2 responses to “Unplanned Relay for Heart Race

  1. That’s cool. 10 bucks and a free t-shirt and lunch you couldn’t go wrong. But did you say 5 degrees? Man that had to have been cold!

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