January in Canada equals cold!

cold 1What am I doing in Canada in January? I hate cold weather! I should have known it would be bitter cold and I would dread stepping outside in sub-zero temperatures. How could I forget that the last time I returned to Canada in the winter I stayed for two weeks and then bought a ticket to South America for three months to escape freezing cold temperatures?  Even more puzzling to me is the fact that I have accepted a short-term job for 10 weeks. (Temporary insanity caused by cold weather.) Otherwise, I would embark on a trip to a warmer destination for a few months instead of complaining about our horrible winter weather.

It goes without saying that no matter how hard I try, it is impossible for me to venture outside for a run in the arctic conditions that we are experiencing in eastern Canada. This month has seen daytime highs of -15 to -20 with wind chills putting the real conditions closer to -25 to -30. This may sound like perfect conditions for outdoor rinks and cross-country ski trails but, cross-country skiing is proving to be a challenge on the frozen snow. In spite of my recent lessons, I still manage to take a stumble from time to time, which is a bit unnerving because I find it so cold when I land flat on an icy trail.

cold 2

 Thank goodness I purchased a treadmill in the fall after a few rainy days so I would have a back-up plan for bad weather days. I used it several times in November and December but now I am using it on a regular basis. In fact, I have not run outside in 2013!

For the most part, I have been doing a one hour workout on the treadmill every second day. I start with a ten minute warm-up, followed by 4 miles in 38-40 minutes, and then a ten minute cool-down. Any longer than an hour on the machine seems like it will never end, but I force myself to do a five-mile run at least once a week.

A couple of days ago, when it was too cold to do anything outside, I created a running calendar in Excel for 2013. I am using it to track my miles and pace on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It is quite easy to use and a great way to monitor my progress or lack of progress. I have included the spreadsheet if anyone wants to download it and use or adapt it.

2013 Running Calendar


4 responses to “January in Canada equals cold!

  1. It’s good for you that you’re using the treadmill, so you can keep up your program in the frigid winter temperatures in Canada. Don’t worry, it will be spring before you know it!

  2. That is way to cold for me!!

  3. For the maybe, third time I will run inside…temps cold and windy. Not as cold as you….brrrrrr. Stay warm!

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