Sunday Post: Goals

 Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post for this week is goals. I love setting goals, so this is a Sunday Post I couldn’t miss.

The key to making progress in running is making long and short-term goals that are attainable and working hard to meet them. Looking back on my first three runs in 2012 and comparing them with the first three in 2013 I noticed that I lowered my mile pace by more than a minute!

SP - Progress

This time last year my goal was to keep my pace under 11 minutes per mile. As the year progressed, I started aiming for a consistent 10 minute pace. By the end of the year, I was able to stay under 10 minutes per mile.

In the beginning, progress is more noticeable because there is plenty of room for improvement.  To lower my pace by another minute in 2013 may be unrealistic but 30 seconds may not be. Now, 9:30 per mile is my goal pace for 1013.

I need to keep in mind that as one becomes faster improvements will take longer and be less obvious. So, I must be patient and continue to train diligently this year.


9 responses to “Sunday Post: Goals

  1. Great job! I want to get faster so bad. What one or two things do you think helped you achieve your goal the most?

  2. Wow, great progress!!

  3. Your still fast compare in my running time lol, ,
    Thanks for sharing my friend wish you the best for 2013 🙂

  4. Well done. How did you start running. I have thought about it but have no idea wheere to start training. I broke my back and have had a bit to get back to normal but would like to try something new

    • I started with the C25K program. It was really hard at the beginning – just jogging for 60 seconds was next to impossible but I stuck with it and eventually it became easier. I think the key is to start with jogging/walking for short periods and then gradually increase the jogging/running intervals. It is also important not to do too much because this leads to injury and stress. Since you are recovering from a back injury, it might be better to start slowly.

  5. Northern Narratives

    I think it is wonderful that you achieved your running goals.

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