Running Update

Recent training courses, driving lessons, job searching, home renovations, chores, and most importantly no computer have forced me to take some time off from blogging. Luckily, these interruptions have not had an impact on my workout schedule.  No matter how busy I am, exercise is an important priority in my life.  At the moment, my goal is to maintain strength and fitness and stay under a ten-minute mile by following the fairly straightforward training plan below. 

The community exercise class at the church hall is a mixture of stretching, strength training, yoga and aerobics. The workout varies depending on the leader. These workouts are easy in comparison to running but they are a welcome change from training on my own. To be frank, the biking sessions are becoming a drag with the colder temperatures. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any snow. I am really looking forward to snow so that I can replace the bike ride with cross-country skiing.

Maintaining fitness without a strict schedule to follow and data to track is quite nice and I plan on following this simple plan for the rest of 2012 while I work on my training and race schedule for 2013.


2 responses to “Running Update

  1. What a fantastic blog. I love to find myself through exericise. Mainly road and mountain biking. I like your training routine. I need to be more disciplined. I am an artist. Check out some of my tags on mountain biking, meditation. I will subscribe to your blog.

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