Training Update

Since beginning my 7-week 10K training plan, based on my fitness level and ability, I have made some solid progress on my long runs.

After the first week, I adjusted the original plan by reducing the walk times from 30-60 seconds to 10-15 seconds.  Also, I did my long run on a gravel road with plenty of hills to build up my endurance and improve my overall strength. Although the hills are not easy they are manageable with very short walking pauses of 10 to 15 seconds. By keeping the walking pauses short, my time and pace improved on a weekly basis as can be seen in the table.  (Week 4 was an exception – scheduled 6 mile run ended up being a slow 5 mile run.)

So, with one week left before race day, I feel ready for my first 10K. My race day plan is to push a little harder than during training and try to finish as close as possible to 60 minutes.


6 responses to “Training Update

  1. Great job! After this next marathon is over for me, I’m going to focus on speed instead of distance. I’ve been doing much better about cross training so hopefully I’ll get stronger.

  2. Great job my friend!!! You’re going to do great on your 10k!

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