Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

After missing out on the last few photo challenges at the Daily Post I am back with my interpretation  of this week’s theme: MINE.

The two things that belong to me and nobody else are Golden Tips (my cat) and my Garmin (runner’s watch).

Golden Tips showed up on our veranda a couple of years ago as a stray cat. I took him to the local vet for neutering and a check up and built a small box for him to sleep in outside.  The plan was that we would feed him and take good care of him but he would continue to be an outdoor cat. However, he kept looking in the windows with such a sad face that we eventually allowed him inside for short visits. These visits became longer and longer and soon he was allowed him to stay as long as he wanted. Last winter, Golden Tips stayed home alone in the house and kept all the mice outside. (My brother let him out in the morning and then every evening after a long day outside having fun he let him in for the night.)

The second thing that I consider only mine is my Garmin watch. Actually, it is one of the older, bigger, awkward versions so I really don’t have to worry about anyone else wanting to borrow or use it. When I purchased my watch last summer, the idea of running 4 miles at 10 minutes or less per mile seemed impossible. At first, it was rare to do a 12 minute mile but I believe my Garmin has helped me improve my running to the point where I am ready to try to lower my pace to 9:30 per mile. The photo is from a couple of days ago when I ran in the rain on a muddy terrain and ended up a little slower than 10 minutes per mile.


2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Golden Tips is a beauty! We have the same watch! You run a bit faster than me though. I’m working on it however.

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