Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

This week’s photo challenge at the Daily Post is near and far. For my interpretation of near and far, I have selected two photos taken in Lotzwil, Switzerland.

Cows near a hiking trail with the village of Lotzwil in the background.

Sheep up close in a field with local farmers playing a traditional swiss sport called “hornussen” in a distant field.

Hornussen is a  team sport which is popular in the countryside of German-speaking Switzerland. This game is sometimes referred to as “farmer’s golf” in English. (Hornussen video)


4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. I’m from the country and these fields look a bit like home. Nice

  2. Thank you for liking my photo for near and far. Hornussen is a sport I had never heard of, farmers golf, curiouser and curiouser. I travelled to Oman Jordan and Dubai last year, how wonderful for you to be able to experience the life there as a local. I too started to run, first to get fit, and then the running bug just takes over. I did a couple of 5Km run in the first year and also completed a 10K run at the end of that year. Hoping to be able to do a half marathon sometime soon.

  3. Hi RRR, Just wanted to let you know you were nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award: http://suburbanferndaleark.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/suh-weet/

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