Problem Solving While Running

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  (unknown)

A few weeks ago, we replaced the windows in our home. The nine old windows were no longer of any use to us and they were adding to the clutter in the garage. We tried  to give them away but nobody wanted them. In fact, most people  suggested that we throw them in the garbage because nobody uses wooden frame windows any more. Yet, with all the talk about the 3Rs of the environment (recycle, reuse and reduce) I thought someone could find a use for them. But who?

Next, putting large items such as used appliances, doors and windows out on the curb for free garbage pick-up happens twice a year (spring and late fall) in my area. I really didn’t want to hang on to these windows until October. Then, one of my neighbor’s suggested that I cut the windows up into smaller sections so that I could put them in the regular garbage. This seemed like a possible solution, but my Swiss husband would have no part of such a plan. After all, this type of stunt could possibly result in jail time in his native Switzerland.

Yesterday, while I was running and thinking about random things, I solved the window problem. As soon as I came home from my run,  I put the windows for sale on kijiji for $20 just to see what would happen. Within 12 hours they were sold!

My conclusion is that the saying one man’s junk is another man’s treasure still holds true in our modern world.


2 responses to “Problem Solving While Running

  1. I love Craigslist. I’ve sold oodles of stuff that was junk to me and the buyer considered it a great find.

  2. I posted a cupboard on Craigslist…a woman from NY (I live in NH) drove over 3 hours to pick it up…your conclusion is right!!

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