New Brunswick Day Race – Chipman, NB

After spending the past few months training for my first 10K race in Chipman, New Brunswick I opted at the last-minute to do the 5K race instead because of a slightly pulled hamstring muscle. Although I really wanted to do the 10K I figured it would be better not to push too hard and risk doing more damage. There will be other opportunities to do my first 10K down the road.

Entering the 5K distance would be easier and less stressful. WRONG – the weather was hot and humid and the first 2 kilometers, which climbs gradually up a long hill, was a constant struggle with my sore hamstring. With 500 meters until the turn-around point I tried to refocus and get back on track for the second half.

At the halfway point my time was just under 16 minutes.  My goal starting out was to get there in 15 minutes so that I would have a chance at finishing around 30 minutes. I felt like calling it a day knowing that this would be next to impossible. I walked a few meters and then realized that if I walked too long the walkers would catch up to me and this would be worse than not finishing in around 30 minutes.

I continued on my way and by the 3.5K mark I found myself slowing to a  walk, discussing my injury with another slightly injured runner. We ran together for a couple of minutes and then she moved ahead of me, a couple of others passed me but I persisted and passed them again and another lady.

In the end, I crossed the finish line in 32:19.  To be honest, the time is disappointing because I have run between 30 and  31 in most of my training runs in the last few months and have actually ran under 30 on more than one occasion. However, practice runs and races are different. So, on a positive note, this time is 4 minutes and 39 seconds faster than last year and also a new personal race best.

Here are some photos from the NB Day Road Race:

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9 responses to “New Brunswick Day Race – Chipman, NB

  1. Congrats .. Completing a run in adverse conditions takes some serious mind-over-matter focus !

  2. Great job on your PR! I’ve only run a 5k one time in under 30 minutes and that was on a training run. We’ll get it someday.

  3. Great job pushing through a tough race, and to do it with a personal best is AWESOME!

  4. Well done with your run!

  5. But you persevered and finished! Good job with an injury.

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