Share Your World – Week 33

Once again Cee has come up with some interesting questions in her Share Your World activity.  If you would like to take part in this activity,  just follow this link:

What type of pets do you have or want? I have one cat named Golden Tips. He is a wonderful pet and follows me every where. We go running together and he comes picking blueberries with me. However, I must admit he doesn’t help me pick any berries. Instead he finds a shady spot and waits for me. I also have two stray cats hanging out around our place and I am trying to find good homes for them. They are adorable but one pet is enough for me.

Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures? Although I am not a great photographer I love to take photos of other people, animals  and things. I am not that keen on being in photos.

What household chore do you absolutely hate doing? I don’t have any chore that I hate doing. I actually find doing the housework enjoyable. I am generally a neat person so our house never gets too messy which makes staying on top of the housework easy.

What’s your least favorite mode of transportation? I don’t like travelling on water. If I can find another means to get to my destination then I take it.


6 responses to “Share Your World – Week 33

  1. I had you down as me following your posts but have not been getting any through, apologies.. so have clicked your email sign up again,, fingers crossed.

  2. If you really like housework, you can just head on over to my place & get a workin’. 😉 I can’t stand housework! Lol. I’m not saying my house is disgusting, but you know…:) I love cats! Golden Tips is beautiful.

  3. Golden Tips sounds like a wonderful pet and companion. Thanks once again for participating. It’s always fun getting to know you better!

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