Running Progress

After five days of travelling and recovering from travelling I finally found the motivation to go for a run. For some reason, I wasn’t quite ready to jump into my training schedule that I was following in Oman. Instead, I decided to do an easy 10 minute jog, followed by a timed 5K with a couple of hills and then a relaxed 20 minute jog to cool down.

When I was finished with my workout I had a look at the data on my Garmin and I was really disappointed with my 5K time of 31:19. I felt like my hard work and disciplined training over the past few months had brought limited progress.

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon when I came across my training calendar from last summer that I realized I made quite a bit of progress. In fact, on my first measured run a year ago, I only managed 4.6 km in 42 minutes.  Moreover, an additional 20 minutes to cool down would have been impossible at this point last summer.

So, after seeing the progress I have made since last summer I am re-motivated to get back on my training schedule tomorrow morning. This gives me 3 and a half weeks to get ready for the New Brunswick Day 10K race.


8 responses to “Running Progress

  1. I am from the PHilippines, and I’m a runner too. Good luck to your running progress.

  2. I think you have done awesome! You have got that 10k nailed!

  3. Are you back in Canada? I think your time after a week off was great!! good luck on your race!

  4. Great job!!! Sometimes we have to take a glimpse in to our past to realize how far we’ve come.

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