Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today is the theme for the weekly photo challenge at Word Press. So,  on my 30-minute walk to work this morning, I took these photos.

Summer is in full force in the desert and the only happy people are the date farmers.  The successful cultivation of date palm requires a long summer with high day as well as night temperatures and plenty of sunshine. There is no shortage of sun and heat in the Omani desert town of Ibri so the locals should have a plentiful date harvest this year.


6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. Beautiful photos. I love palm trees.

  2. You can almost feel the heat fizzing in the air.

  3. I can’t help wondering how come you live in an Omani date-desert!
    Maybe that is just your home but you don’t sound like you are a date farmer!
    (They are delicious though)

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