Running Update – Long Runs on the Treadmill

After a year of running and beginner training plans, the time has come for a more challenging schedule. In the beginning, I ran three days a week with two rest days. Then, I progressed to running every second day, with at least one  rest day most weeks.

Over the past few weeks, I have been experimenting with some different training options.  I feel strong enough for a plan with four run days a week, two cross-training days and one rest day.  So, I selected a 10K training plan designed by running Coach Jenny Hadfield and posted on the Cleveland Marathon website.  This week’s schedule is as follows:

I have discovered it is easier to train using time instead of distance. If I concentrate too much on distance and pace during my run I lose track and end up running too fast and I have to stop for a short break.  So, after my run is completed, I note my distance and pace as an additional means to track my progress.

Lastly, with day time temperatures  hovering around 45°C (113 °F),  I have been doing my long runs on the treadmill at the gym in order to survive the heat.  Although, like most people I prefer running outdoors, I am grateful that I have access to a gym.  Needless to say, with a little over a month left in Oman, I am counting the days until I can go home, where the  weather will be cooler and long runs will be possible to do outdoors.


8 responses to “Running Update – Long Runs on the Treadmill

  1. I have started a walker’s training. With humid weather I’ll be using an elliptical trainer at times. Thanks for the tip on using time instead of distance.

  2. Holy cow, that’s hot! Best of luck on the treadmill. I’m looking forward to hearing how well the training goes (especially when you make it back to Canada).

  3. cindimichealle

    Bless you and that dreadful treadmill. I hope you have successfull long runs on that thing. Your schedule looks good. I just finished a half-marathon 2 weekends ago. I am now training to run a third this summer. While I know I can run and have my training program memorized, I am going to focus more on speed and strength training. If you have access to a pool, at that gym, I would reccommend it. I use it in place of the treadmill because I absolutely hate those things. Anyways, good luck on training for the 10k! Good luck when you run the race!!

    • I am not so sure that I can classify my runs on the treadmill as successful but they are truly boring! Thank goodness for NPR podcasts. BTW, the closest pool is two hours away by car!

      • cindimichealle

        Nothing I do on a treadmill is successful. So I guess the pool is out of the question. Oh well.

  4. Visiting Arizona…hot here too, I can relate to running on the treadmill…ugh! But necessary sometimes.

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