Share Your World: Week 22

After being too busy to take part in Cee’s Share Your World for a couple of weeks I am back with answers to the latest list of questions.

Which do you prefer sweet or salty?  Or both at the same time?  I prefer sweet food. This is the main reason I was on the chubby side. No matter how hard I try I cannot permanently give up cake, pie, cookies or the occasional chocolate bar but I do limit my intake as much as possible. When I overindulge in sweet food then I am forced to do more exercise to keep my weight under control.

Have you finished/started anything new or creative? At the moment I am too busy to start any new or creative projects.

How do you want to be remembered? This is a difficult question but I hope people will remember me as kind as in this video.

Name one thing you wish you could change about yourself. First of all, I am grateful to be healthy. However, if I could change one thing about myself it would be my legs. I would love to have long, skinny legs. Then again who wouldn’t want to have long, thin beautiful legs. I don’t know anyone who would opt for short, fat legs.


4 responses to “Share Your World: Week 22

  1. Love that video! Awesome. I think you will be always recalled as kind. Not to worry if your blog postings and comments are a clue.

    Thannks for shatong. I’ll see our responses for the week, week 23 soon as I am doing week 22 right behind week 23 because of being out of town.

  2. If you run enough maybe you will get skinny legs!

  3. Such marvelous answers as always!! I liked your video too!

  4. Cool video!! I also would love long skinny legs. You’re right, who on earth would want short, fat legs??? Funny 🙂

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