Automattic Wordlwide WP 5K Training Plan

I will be joining  the Automattic Worldwide WP 5k race on April 29th. This race is organized by the people at WordPress in an attempt to encourage bloggers to be active.

I do not expect to be the fastest on this day but I don’t want to be the slowest. At present, I am getting ready for my first 10K in the summer,  so  5K should be a breeze. Well, maybe not here in the afternoon heat in the Middle East. In order to get ready for the WWWP5K, and keep my 10K preparation on track,  I have devised the training schedule below.

I will be doing my 5K after work at around 5 o’clock  at Ibri Stadium.  I am going to try to convince a couple of colleagues to join me. This will be a more difficult challenge than completing the 5K. If no one wants to come along for the fun then that is not a problem. I will track my time and distance with my Garmin and set up my mini-tripod and camera to take some race photos.  My goal is to run my fastest 5K to date.


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