Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Life is a journey that has taken me to several different places, the latest of which is Ibri, Oman. So, for this week’s photo challenge I have opted to feature two camels I met here.   Both are on a journey to unknown places.

Where will this journey take me?

I would rather walk that get a lift!


17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. It’s a unique & interesting interpretation of this week’s theme. Great post.

  2. I would be intersted in knowing where the camel was going – not a usual sight!

  3. Love the camel in the back of the Toyota! Thanks for sharing.

  4. would not have enough space in my car for a camel, only for a cat …

  5. My city is just in the border of Oman, so I see a lot of like these 🙂 Nice shots!Thanks for sharing!

  6. I can’t imagine seeing a cow in a pickup truck?? Great photos!

  7. very unique interpretations of ‘journey’ – thank you for sharing your travelling adventures 🙂

  8. I am sure these poor creatures would rather give a ride than be taken for a ride… good photos for this journey topic.

  9. Good one. Hopefully not to the slaughterhouse.

  10. Wow!! I’m not likely to ever witness this form where I come from!!!!

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