Practice 10K

Three days ago, I went to the gym after a long and busy day at work with one goal in mind – practice 10K.  After completing my version of the bridge-to-10K program, I was able to run 60 minutes without a break but the distance covered was nowhere near 10K.  Over the past couple of months I have been working on improving my endurance and increasing my distance.  However, I never managed to run 6.4 miles (10K) without at least one or two short walking breaks.

Back to the practice 10K. After a ten-minute warm up, I started out slowly, gradually picking up the pace without going too fast to avoid running out of steam before the end. The last mile was tough but I found the strength to cover the complete distance in 64:31. I am pleased with my time and feel optimistic that I can do better.

Summer is in full force in Oman and longer runs in the heat are challenging but I can’t control the weather and I can’t use it as an excuse. My training must go forward. My plan is to schedule a few more practice 10K runs before entering my first official race in July. I would like to finish in 60 minutes or less. However, at this point, a more realistic goal would be between 62 and 63 minutes.

Over the past 5 months, thanks to a regularly scheduled practice runs, interval training, long runs and cross training I have been able to lower my practice 5k times from 37-38 minutes to 30-31 minutes. Now, I hope by using a similar approach I will be able to  improve my 10K time.


8 responses to “Practice 10K

  1. Race day will be different thou, all those people will push you on. When I run with Adam I can do a 7.5 minute mile but on my own it’s 10. Running solo is tough, you’ll be much faster on the day – betcha!

  2. Wow I am inspired!! I am running on average a 35-36 min 5K, I would love to shave some minutes off!! Here in New Hampshire, I am looking forward to a bit of heat…35 degrees this morning was not too bad, but warmer is nice too!

  3. You will make your goal!!!

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