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Should I share my blog with my family, friends or colleagues? To date my blog and running has been a secret from family and friends.  Actually, it is impossible to hide my running from my colleagues since there are no secrets in small town Ibri where I live and work.  Everyone knows I run and although they may think I am crazy they don’t openly voice this opinion.

When I view other blogs I notice that some have many members, lots of comments, and most likely many views and I wonder how many of these people the blog writers actually know.  How many are friends, colleagues, family or complete strangers?  At present, I have over 60 blog followers but the only one I personally know is my husband. He had no choice. I signed him up myself. Moreover, he has to read my blog entries because I give him a little quiz after I publish something.  (No matter what – I will always have at least one view for whatever I publish.)

By now, you are probably wondering why I haven’t shared my running and blog with anyone I know. Well, first of all, when I mentioned to my family, friends and a couple of colleagues that I decided to train for a 5K race and that I was documenting this for the entire world to read I was met with some strange looks and discouraging comments. For example: Don’t’ you have anything else to do! You are too old to start running. Who cares what you do in your free time? Who would read your blog? You should take a writing course first.

After initial reactions to my running and blog idea I decided to do it just for myself and not tell anyone. My family and friends are all non-runners so they would not have any interest in my ups and downs in my new life as a runner. To keep my blog a secret I didn’t announce it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media websites.

In the beginning, no one read my blog or left comments and I was quite happy. I would check my blog statistics and be relieved that the numbers were low. The first few months of blogging were quite stressful because of the fear that someone I knew (acquaintance, colleague, or relative) would  discover my blog.  If they accidentally stumbled on my blog while surfing the Internet they might think I lost my mind.  Worse yet, this might result in some gossip in the workplace or my village. What if they shared it with others and I suddenly became the laughing-stock of the office or my hometown.

So, what is the purpose of maintaining a blog? It is to share life events with family and friends, meet new people, find like-minded people, become popular, promote a personal agenda, seek encouragement from strangers, offer advice to others, share ideas and opinions on topics you care about? Or is it to find readers, obtain more views, improve writing, learn technology skills or get freshly pressed?

My answer is simple. Having a blog is a chance for sharing anything you feel positive about.  Although a blog requires time – writing, editing, updating, taking photos, deleting spam and answering comments  it provides a digital record of your life.

What do you think? Should I share my blog with family, friends or colleagues?


10 responses to “Secret Blog

  1. 1. I am a faithful follower of your blog over here across the pond! 2. You should share your blog with your family and friends. My Dad follows as best he can even though he worries that I might over do it for my age! He has been impressed with me and my husband. It is largely my family and friends that read my blog. I need to write more and hopefully get more followers!

    • Thanks to this blog and DM I feel like we are running mates! My mother worries that I am trying to be a teenager again but she has acceped that I am not about to give up running in the near future.

      • I only have my Dad now and he worries, but he is proud to see us cover the miles and get fit! I told Deana @ How to run a bit faster that one day we need to run together, but really the 3 of us do! It is strange how you can feel connected with someone you have only met through the internet! I have to finish raising son #4 so it will be a while before Hubby and I can travel abroad. Until then Deana and I and now you have to keep on training and one day we will meet and run! And yes we are running mates!

  2. I agree…sharing anything you feel positive about. I like that!!!

  3. Great to find another like-minded blogger, although I’m sure yo will thoroughly enjoy the blogging journey. well, this case happens with me sometimes too. Call it shyness or whatever.

  4. I think you should share it but you and I are on the same page. I started a blog because I don’t get a lot of encouragement from friends and family so I decided to find it online. I’m still working up to sharing it but I really want to, however I completely understand keeping it on the side.

  5. Trigrandmatry is my second blog, my first is for my very small home business, but, all my family and friends know about it and some read it…that is not why I am responding…

    I too, have not shared my trigrandmatry blog with friends and family, but, I do intend to. I have been running long enough to not really care what they all think, I am doing this for me! I love running and biking and swimming, I am also 57 years old, and yes, a lot of my friends think I am nuts. But, at the same time I think they admire what I am doing, and maybe wish they were doing the same, but don’t have the guts to start! Someday when I am still running at 80 years old, and they are in wheelchairs because of inactivity, they will wish they joined me rather than laughed at me.

    Go ahead share with courage!! You Rock!!

  6. Well, you know I’m a big fan of blogging! I think it’s a great way to provide a digital record of your life and whatever you care about. It’s a journey you can share with others. Though it does take time, you definitely find like-minded people along the way. And it’s lots of fun to look back over your blog years or months later and remember, YES! I forgot I did that!!

    You should definitely share your blog with family, friends, and/or colleagues. Some will not feel like bothering to take the time to read it, but some will, and those are the people you will really count as your friends!! Go for it!! Don’t hide it away…. 🙂 Kudos to you, Rural Route Runner!!!

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