Share Your World: Week 13

“Share Your World is an activity  on  Cee’s Life Photography Blog. Each week she posts a series of questions for participants. Here are this week’s questions and my answers.

What is your favorite month of the year? My favorite month of the year is June because it is the beginning of summer at home. The days are longer and warmer. Not only this,   I usually spend the month of June in my hometown.

What is something you learned in the last week?  Although I am fairly comfortable in standard German (Hochdeutsch) I still find the various dialects of German in Switzerland challenging. So, during my last trip to Switzerland I decided it was time to try to pick up some Swiss German. Last week, I learned how to say “Zurich German is simply beautiful.”  Züritüütsch isch aifach schön.   In standard German this would be Zürich Deutsch ist einfach  schön.

What color looks best on you? My favorite color is purple and I like to think that this color looks best on me.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I would like to be able to read minds. This would allow me to figure out exactly what my students are thinking whether it is about me or someone/something else.  It might also be interesting to know their inner thoughts when they are staring at something/someone, not paying attention or not focusing on their classwork.


4 responses to “Share Your World: Week 13

  1. Ha Swiss German is definitely a different dialect. I am in the French speaking part of Switzerland, and when my daughters took German in School, it was proper german, so they still had trouble when visiting other parts of Switzerland.

    I don’t think I’d want to read minds – though it would have come in handy with my ex once upon a time. 😉

  2. Great answers!!! Thanks so much for participating!!!

  3. Yes, my first inclination for the superpower was to read minds; I’d love it not only for students but for everyone!! Good for you learning the Swiss German… 🙂

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