Sub-30 minute 5K

When I started running nine and a half months ago my main goal was to reach my target weight of 120 pounds.  Dieting and regular exercise did not work for me in the past. Running was my last option. The good news is that I now weigh 120 pounds.

These days my entire life and schedule seem to revolve around running.  Every day begins with a look at my latest training plan. My weight is no longer my focus. I go to work and as soon as my tasks are completed I head straight to the gym.  In February, I managed to do two sub-30 minute 5Ks. In addition, my endurance is gradually improving – I can consistently run 8K (5 miles) without walking.

My current focus is on getting faster and stronger.  Thus, my next running goal is quite simple – 5K in less than 29 minutes.


2 responses to “Sub-30 minute 5K

  1. That’s so great to hear! Congrats on achieving both goals! Good luck with the new one! 🙂

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