Weekly Photo Challenge: Random

For some unknown reason WordPress has not announced a weekly photo challenge theme this week.  This is quite a disappointment for those of us who look forward to this weekly challenge.   I came in to work yesterday on my day off to check out this week’s theme.  But no theme. Here I am again today. And still no theme. So, I guess it is not going to happen this week.

When I looked for this week’s theme I discovered that many bloggers went ahead and used the theme waiting.  I have already posted for this theme. And, I am not waiting any longer. . . I am posting three random photos!

Golden Tips getting ready to chase a mouse in the grass.

I met this turtle while jogging last summer.

The turtle was camera-shy and tried to run away but I was faster.


7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Random

  1. what a lovely coloured cat!

  2. That little fellow looks like a snapper.

  3. Love the turtle shots. Where was that?

  4. I’ve been wondering why there hasn’t been a theme posted. It’s driving me crazy!

  5. I wish I would meet some turtles while jogging.. but then again I would have to make a stop in the zoo 🙂 Great entry!

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