100 Kilometres in January

January Running Report

My first run of January was in cold, snowy conditions in Switzerland but my last run was in lovely, warm and sunny Oman.   I have to say that running in January is a lot nicer in Oman than in Switzerland.

My Daily Mile running report showed 93 kilometres as of January 29th, so I decided to run 7K yesterday so that it would be an even 100 kilometres for January.  More importantly, I have consistently been able to run 5K in less than 31 minutes. This means I am getting closer to doing a sub-30 minute 5K which is one of my 2012 goals.  In fact, I am optimistic that this will happen in February.

Lastly, I did my first 10K training run. Although I took a 60-second walking break after the first 5K I managed to run it in 65:31. I will be doing my first official 10K this summer in Canada. My goal is to finish in less than an hour.  Luckily, I have a few more months to get ready for this challenge.


7 responses to “100 Kilometres in January

  1. Well done, Bravo and I am hoping for further success esp in the 10km.
    I hope to begin myearnest training so that I can complete a 5km run in May. It is on my bucket list and time for me is running out as I am now retired.

  2. I’m aiming for a sub 1hr 10k this year too. I’m around 70 mins just now, but I’m making progress – slowly. Must be strange, running in such diverse climates but then the scenery never gets boring.

  3. brilliant ! thats great progress !

  4. Great job on the training! It’s one of my 2012 goals, too, to do a sub-30 minute 5K. I haven’t broken 31 yet, but I’m getting closer! As for the 10K, I am signed up to do my first in March and getting VERY nervous about my lack of preparedness. Thanks for inspiring me. 🙂

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