The soccer coach ruined my run!

Yesterday after work, I planned on doing a practice 5K followed by 20 minutes of jogging on the track at the stadium next to the college. Actually, I had been thinking about it all day and felt like I was ready for a good result.

I waited until 4:30 before going to the track so that I could start my run at about 5:00 as the sun was disappearing behind the stadium.  The last couple of weeks the gym and track has been empty during the women’s hours so I have come to think of this place as my personal gym.  (I am the only one who uses the facilities on a regular basis.)

However, the first thing I noticed when I arrived was a group of young boys hanging out near the track. What are they doing here? They are not allowed to enter the track or gym between 4 and 6. Before I had a chance to inform them of this rule I was approached by an older gentleman who told me to leave.  Well, I protested but he claimed that his soccer team had reserved the stadium for practice. I insisted that the stadium is reserved for women at this time.  He suggested that I use the gym. What could I do? There was no chance I could win this battle against 20 teenage boys and their coach.  I had no choice but to use the gym.

Running on a treadmill is not a real practice run.   I rarely use a treadmill and do not enjoy using one. It is so boring and it seems like it will never end.  I considered taking a rest day but I needed some exercise to calm down after my argument with the soccer coach. By the time I figured out where to plug the machine in I was no longer interested in doing a practice 5K and decided to try a long run instead. This idea did not pan out and after 6K in 45 minutes I called it a day and headed home still angry about the teenage soccer practice.


3 responses to “The soccer coach ruined my run!

  1. I wonder why he couldn’t share. That’s silly.

  2. That coach was very unreasonable and unfair on you if the rules state the track is yours for that time. Also it is very demotivating when you spend alot of your day focussing on your run only to have it completely altered. 😦

    I hope your week gets better and your training all the stronger for it. 🙂

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