Back on track in Ibri

Scheduling runs, cross training, races and short trips seem to be the best way to keep me on track. I have moved from one schedule to the next, without any major glitches until recently. First of all, thanks to end of term celebrations, Christmas parties, and a ten-day trip to Switzerland over New Year’s along with bad weather and travel delays I missed some workouts.

Secondly, during the holidays I fell back into some old habits – unhealthy food choices. Instead of opting for healthy alternatives I went for the cookies, cake, Pringles, Cola and chocolate. To make matters worse, I arrived in Switzerland just in time for the after Christmas sales which meant that Christmas chocolate was half price. Of course, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to save money and stock up on chocolate at the same time. Unfortunately, I ate way too much and didn’t feel like exercising. The good news is I left the extra chocolate in Switzerland for my skinny husband to enjoy.

Needless to say, after skipping workouts and overindulging in food of late I was terrified to step on the scales. I have always hated weighing myself and have avoided scales like the plague. However, I needed to know the exact consequences of my recent “sins”. So, after work yesterday I headed straight to the gym to check my weight. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see no change. I weigh exactly the same as I did one month ago. In order to celebrate I decided to run for 45 minutes. In the end, I ran for 50 minutes and covered 7.7 kilometers. Not exactly a fast pace but an enjoyable run.

Now, I am happy to be back in Oman where it is easier to avoid chocolate and difficult to find excuses to miss a workout. More importantly, I am back on track!


2 responses to “Back on track in Ibri

  1. well done in getting through the holidays without gaining weight. I wasn’t so lucky. Never mind it is coming off now 🙂

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