Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Here are three photos from my last trip to Switzerland as my interpretation of the theme “between“.

A waterway between two fields in Egerkingen, Switzerland.

Fog between the hills in Egerkingen, Switzerland.

A cat hanging out between plants at a garden shop in Langenthal, Switzerland.


6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. that cat is sooooooo cute

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment on last last blog post. I appreciated your kindness. Thank you! I have a full blown cold for the last two days which I guess led me to feel pretty negative the other day. I am still fighting this cold but feeing much better in many other ways. I hope you had a really nice Christmas. I appreciate your comments always.

    Happy new year too!

  3. all snaps are good

  4. I Love the way how you shot your 1st one to the top
    Great 🙂 Happy Holidays .

  5. I so love the cat photograph!! Wonderful entries!

  6. Great different photos representing one theme. Loved it. 🙂

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