9-Week Running Plan

The only way for me to make a habit of running and stay on track is to follow a training plan. If I write my schedule down it helps me to stick to it. By setting  goals as well as tracking my progress on a daily basis I am able to see my improvement to date and where I am headed. Once I set up my schedule with Excel it is very easy to adapt and make changes when necessary. (I record distance, time, pace ,calories burned, etc. for each training session.) These daily statistics provide additional motivation and immense satisfaction when I look back at them and see how much I have accomplished.

Now that I have completed the C25K (Couch-to-5K) and B210K (Bridge-to-10K) running programs I am ready for my next training schedule. Of course, many people move on to a half marathon after finishing B210K. However, I want to wait another 6 months before training for a half marathon. At present, I can consistently run 5K in about 33-34 minutes during practice runs. Additionally, I can run for 60 minutes non-stop since completing the B210K plan, covering a distance of 8 to 9K.

For now my focus is on improving my speed over 5K and increasing my endurance so that I will be able to run a 10K without walking by February 2012. In order to do this I have come up with a training plan which includes intervals, 5Ks, and long runs. The plan consists of  4 main workouts that will be repeated over the next 9 weeks.

Workout 1       Run                    800 meters                   1.2K                            1.6 K

                             Walk                   1 minute                        1 minute                    1 minute

                             Repetitions      3                                        2                                  1

Workout 2       Run                     5K

                             Walk                   1 minute

                              Jog (run)          20 minutes

 Workout 3     Run                    1.6K                                 1.2K                            800 meters 

                             Walk                   1 minute                        1 minute                   1 minute

                             Repetitions      1                                        2                                  3

Workout 4      Run 60 minutes without stopping

I hope that these workouts along with cross-training on non-running days will get me ready for my next running events in February 2012. For the complete running schedule with dates you can download the excel file.

9 Week Running Plan


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  1. I`m Glad you did it 🙂

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