Progress – 60 seconds to 60 minutes in 6 months

This morning I ran for 60 minutes straight without a single walk break. Six months ago when I suddenly made a decision to take up running I struggled to run (jog) 60 seconds without collapsing in complete exhaustion.  When I look at my progress on a weekly basis it seems like my progress is  slow. However, when I look at the beginning and now I am amazed at the amount of progress I have been able to make in a six month period.

I adapted the B210K (Bridge-to-10K) training plan to match my running ability, not wanting to risk injury or the disappointment of not being able to reach the target on schedule. Two days ago when I attempted my first 60 minute run I only managed 40 minutes without a break. After a one minute walk I was able to continue for another 20 minutes. Every other target on the C25K (Couch-to-5K)   and B210K plan was accomplished on schedule but not this one.

Not meeting this goal was a real setback. I really wanted to be able to run (jog) for 60 minutes straight after 8 weeks of training. Initially, I tried to convince myself that this was due to running too fast in the beginning and that my first 5K was super fast. This was unfortunately not the case because my 5K time (37:00) during that run was not exactly fast.

The next day, I did some cross training and debated with myself whether or not I should just stick to running (jogging) 30 to 45 minutes and  forget about constantly trying to increase my distance and improve my speed. I constantly need to remind myself that I am running for my health and not to win races. So, this morning, I tried to relax and enjoy the quiet and cool air and not look at my Garmin while running. So when I finally glanced at it  and saw 47 minutes I said to myself 13 more minutes and I am back on schedule and I did it. I truly feel like I have reached a milestone today.

Now I have two more 60 minute runs scheduled on my B210K training plan and I am looking forward to them. When these runs are completed I am going to take a day off and analyse all of my training data and then attempt to devise my next plan and figure out what will be my next goal.


9 responses to “Progress – 60 seconds to 60 minutes in 6 months

  1. It’s great to read about others – just like me – who are taking up the challenge to run. I was much like you. I struggled to run even 2 minutes without dying, and now I run 7k and wish I could go further. It’s all about gradual progress!!

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  3. Congratulations on completing the Bridge to 10K, running for 60 minutes straight is an amazing achievement.

  4. That’s super great! Congrats on hitting a major milestone!

  5. Well done for reaching 60 min no stop running. Great achievement and sensibly done if I may say so. I have a friend who is a much better runner than I and the times we have run together she has left me for dead but she has no schedule, no warm up and no structure i.e. 2 miles one day 10 miles the next and she is contantly injured and always moaning and seeing a doctor about her ankles and tendons, I have gently tried to suggest a more gentle build up in milage but once a person has been very competitive its not easy I think for them to face the fact they are not the same person as they were 5 years ago. Well done and keep going!

    • Thanks for the nice words. Years ago, when I first tried running I was like your friend and I ended up quitting after a few months because of constant injuries. I guess with age I have become a bit wiser and more careful with training.

  6. Good for you! Awesome job. It is exciting to see progress. By the way, I had mentioned to Runs Like A Penguin that I am on Dailymile, it is similar to Face Book, but for runners etc. and you can friend people and help motivate each other. You track your runs and progress as well. If you want to look me up search for Lisa A. Ridgeland, MS (United States). Keep up the great work!

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