Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

This week’s photo challenge is “wonder”.  Initially, I  had absolutely no idea of what I could enter as a photo for this theme and considered skipping the challenge this week. In the end, I looked at some photos this morning and selected the photos below for my interpretation of “wonder”.

This past summer I spent a lot of time with Golden Tips (my cat) and I really wonder how or what he is doing home alone as winter approaches.

I wonder what you are doing now?

My second photo shows the “wonder” of beautiful fluffy clouds.

I "wonder"if it is going to rain.

My last  photo is an attempt to show the “wonder” of nature near my home in Canada.

The "wonder" of nature.


11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

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  2. I really like your first photo, although they are all very nice. I do love cats but I also like the water in the background. There’s so much going on in it and you don’t really notice until you look at it for a bit. Great job!

  3. Beautiful photos! I am with Mizz. That couch set up by the creek is amazing!

  4. I wanna sit on that couch!

  5. great photos – why is your cat alone during winter? Sorry just curious are we Kiwis

  6. These are lovely photos. I like the first one it looked so comfy and cozy.

  7. great interpretations of wonder.
    thank you for sharing!

  8. awesome pictures thanks for sharing.

  9. Great ideas for “wonder” – I always wonder what my cat is thinking when he brings me home a mouse. Does he think I will cook it for him or am I supposed to eat it.

    • 🙂 no, i do not think it is either of those. i suspect he wants you to say ‘good boy’ and express pride and joy and especially enthusiasm at his successful hunt Maggie LR! then he will reward you with more in the future 😀
      gotta love cats!

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