Switzerland: Langenthal to Lotzwil

First of all, it is great to be back in Switzerland after a five-year break. I can’t believe I stayed away so long! My husband has been back a few times to visit family and friends since we left five years ago but I opted to travel  to other destinations. During my stay in the Middle East I somehow forgot how wonderful this little country is. Now, I am already planning my next trip back to Switzerland before this one finishes.

Anyhow, after a day of rest in Switzerland and two full days of not running I had to get back on track with my B210K training. So, I decided the weather would not be an excuse to skip another run day. Although, it was cool and a little overcast I was determined to experience running in Switzerland.

There is no shortage of running trails in this country that claims to have over  50,000 kilometers of maintained trails. From my research I discovered that long before Switzerland became a modern industrialized nation, the towns and villages were connected via dirt paths. Today, these paths are asphalt, gravel, grass, or even mud and they criss-cross cities, towns, farming villages and pastures.

There are two types of trails that can be found in the country. The first type is called “Wanderweg” (walking path). These paths tend to be relatively flat with some small hills and they often link one village to another. The second type is called “Bergweg” (mountain path). As the name indicates these trails are usually in the mountains and they involve steeper and more difficult climbs. They are more suitable for hiking.  This means that no matter where you are you can find a “Wanderweg” or “Bergweg”  for every level – from flat easy jogging trails to steep and rough maintain trails.  All you have to do is follow the yellow arrow-shaped signs indicating the  path’s destination and approximate walking time.  All these well-maintained trails could explain why the swiss are generally slim in spite of being amongst the world’s biggest consumers of cheese and chocolate, both of which are not necessarily known as diet food.

With this background information, I decided I would start off near Langenthal train station and follow the yellow signs until I landed in Lotzwil.  I stated by running through a field, and then around a nature reserve area in the woods towards a highway. Then I crossed this highway and headed up a long hill and ran about 1.5km through the woods and about 35 minutes later I ended up in Lotzwil on top of the hill looking down at the town below. From there I walked down the steps and then ran through the village and eventually ended up on another path which took me back to Langenthal. Here are some photos that my husband took of my run.

In the woods on the way to Lotzwil from Langenthal

On the way to Lotzwil from Langenthal

Some cows I met on my arrival in Lotzwil

A view of Lotzwil from the top of the hill

Langete River in Langenthal

The end of my run - thankful to be back in Langenthal

Thank you Florian for taking the photos


7 responses to “Switzerland: Langenthal to Lotzwil

  1. Beautiful photos from Switzerland!

  2. reat shot of you running on what looked like a dream trail. I wish I could run in places like that, beautiful scenery. I’m sure it must inspire you. 🙂

  3. Beautiful….enjoy!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these pictures! It looks like you had a fabulous run!

  5. Such a beautiful place to run!

  6. Wow, autumn looks amazing there. I love the sound of all those trails too. Enjoy

  7. Switzerland looks so green and serene 🙂 Very peaceful pics

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