Eid Al-Adha Vacation – Switzerland

The title of this post might be a little bit confusing. Let me clarify – for the past seven or eight weeks I have been eagerly awaiting the  Eid Al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) vacation.  It  has finally arrived and I am off to Switzerland to enjoy chocolate, mountains, hiking, running and beautiful landscapes. I will not be celebrating this festive holiday in Switzerland. Instead I will be enjoying my week away from Oman.  To be honest, one of my favorite things about Ibri is packing my backpack to leave town.

Langenthal, Switzerland

I like to call Switzerland my second home. When I think about it – who wouldn’t want to call Switzerland home? Before heading to the Middle east I lived in Langenthal in canton Bern for a couple of years, long before I started running. Back then I used to hike and bike the trails that are scattered  in and around the city.  I often met joggers and thought I would like to be jogging too but I never had the courage to start. I believed running (jogging) would be too hard for me.

Langenthal, Switzerland

Luckily, the daily boredom in a remote desert town like Ibri drives one to find and experiment with new hobbies. Times have changed – I am now a runner (slow jogger to be exact) and I will be training like crazy in my second favorite country.


3 responses to “Eid Al-Adha Vacation – Switzerland

  1. Have a wonderful time, what a great adventure.

  2. Have a great time running all over Switzerland… Sounds like a wonderful and much needed vacation!! I’m heading to Jordan for my Eid!

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