Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

As soon as I saw this week’s photo challenge theme – hidden,  I remembered these two photos from my summer vacation at home in Canada.

What might be hidden in this wood pile?

Generally a backyard wood pile attracts cute little visitors such as chipmunks or rabbits. However, it can also be a comfortable home (hiding place) for an unfriendly guest (snake) as I discovered this summer.

Look what was hiding in the wood pile!


17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. Great capture….not so much the snake though. That find for me would have me screaming! : )

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  3. oh noooooo….i hate snake! I don’t ever want to find a snake…

  4. once I had a friend in Africa,
    he cut the head of a snake in his bedroom.
    but suddenly he noticed,
    he only had cut the tail …

  5. Nice post for the theme! But as for me, I never liked snakes – poisonous or not!! Take care always!!!

  6. we had this all the time when I lived in Australia

  7. Northern Narratives

    I was thinking that you would find a mouse!

  8. I wonder if your snake will hibernate under the wood pile for the winter?

  9. Glad that you discover it hiding in your wood file ,Nice post .

  10. Oh, that is danger hiding very neatly.

    Great entries. 🙂

  11. What kind of snake is that? poisenous?
    When we lived in Cornwall our cat walked down the garden path with a snake coiled up in its mouth. We were stunned not just because the snake was still alive but that the cat was still alive! It was an adder. Our only poisenous snake in the UK and the first time I had ever seen one in the wild.

    • It is just a harmless Common Garter Snake . These snakes can be found right across Canada. This one was a big one! Most of the snakes I encountered near or in the wood pile were quite a bit smaller. Thank goodness!

  12. Love the wood pile, less keen on the snake!

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