Lost without my Garmin

The other day while chatting with a young colleague, I discovered that he runs on my old running route in the evenings. In the midst of our conversation about time, pace and distance he mentioned that he was looking into buying a Garmin. Needless to say, he was surprised to learn that I already had one. (Truth is I don’t come across as a runner to most people.) Then without thinking, I offered him my runner’s watch to try out. Yesterday I brought the watch to work and handed it over to him for a couple of days.

I was actually looking forward to my next workout without stressing about statistics. This morning’s workout called for a 22 minute run, followed by a 1 minute walk, and then another 22 minute run.  I had no problem keeping track of the intervals in the C25K (Couch-to-5K) plan, so these two intervals should have been quite easy to monitor with a normal watch. However, I felt lost without my Garmin. Even though I had my distance markers in place and my watch I got confused with time and distance. In the end, I had no idea how far or fast (slow) I ran.  In spite of this, I still had an enjoyable workout until I realized that I had no exact numbers for my running log!


One response to “Lost without my Garmin

  1. I am very attached to my Garmin!

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