Intervals Again

7K - I can hardly believe it!

This morning before going to work I completed week 3 (day 3) of my Bridge-to-10K (penguin version) training schedule which calls for 3 repetitions of 17 minutes of running (jogging) each separated by one minute of fast walking. I covered a little over 7K and still had some fuel in the tank! (My longest run ever.)

At first, I didn’t like the idea of starting over again with intervals after finishing C25K (Couch-to-5K)  on schedule and being able to run for 30 minutes straight. (Being a new runner, I somehow felt that this would reduce the endurance that I built up.) When I was following the C25K plan I feared the longer intervals of 25 and 30 minutes because I was so afraid that I would not be able to complete them successfully. Now, I am actually looking forward to these intervals. I no longer think about how difficult they will be. Instead I see myself successfully completing each day by focusing on that day alone and not worrying about the next hurdle. I will overcome that hurdle when I come to it.

Most importantly, I realize that by concentrating on the benefits rather than the difficulties, it is much easier to complete each step in B210K.


8 responses to “Intervals Again

  1. I don’t know if your are still monitoring these very early posts in your blog — but am wondering whether you include the total distance covered in the B210K including the 2×5 minute walks when you say that you coverd say 7klms today?? Just curious as a point of comparison for me on my journey today in 2014 with B210K

  2. Intervals and speedwork are some of my favorite workouts. It makes you realize how much your fitness has improved over the course of your training.

  3. My husband (a runner since high school) informed me last night that to increase my speed I was going to have to re-integrate intervals into my training runs and my first thought was “But I don’t LIKE to walk anymore! I want to RUN!” Realizing all along that what got me from “not a runner” to “I Am A Runner” was the very thing that was going to get me from Where I Am to Where I Want To Be!

    Thanks for your comment. We “Women of A Certain Age” have to stick together! 🙂

  4. wow that is fantastic. Now that I have run a 5km race, I have to look to new goals eventually. Though I am happy to just run for a little while I think.

  5. Intervals helped me get faster! Running 7 min. and walk 1 helped me shave off time. Now I am running whole distances but still use intervals periodically. You are already faster than me, but I am getting there! I ran 8 miles today! Longest run so far! Keep up the good work!

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