Office Hobby

Unlike most people I had tons of free time at work and nothing to do except play computer games,  drink tea, snack in the staff cafeteria and surf the Internet. For people who work long hours in an office this routine may sound great but it can get boring after a few weeks. It was time for a new hobby – something I could do during office hours to pass the time.  I thought about knitting, cross-stitching, painting and origami but none of these hobbies were appropriate because I share an office with 15 colleagues.  My new pastime had to be invisible to my boss and colleagues.  It is important that they think I am working or else they might ask for help with their work or even worse find some additional tasks for me. After all, I like my job just the way it is.

So, I started working on a blog a couple of months ago without any purpose in mind. I began by writing a few random posts about different things in my life –  weight problems, cats,  and running. Then,  I added some pages and photos. I tried different themes and colors. I played around with different widgets. (If you don’t know what widgets are then start blogging.  You will love them!) I tried to find a purpose for my blog and a suitable name. Without a clear purpose it was difficult to settle on a permanent name.   I changed the blog name a few times before settling on Rural Route Runner.

Everyday I read the freshly pressed blogs hoping to get some ideas and inspiration for mine. Along the way, I have discovered that writing a blog is the perfect office hobby. I always look busy.  Correction – I am always busy!


5 responses to “Office Hobby

  1. Thank you for your comment on my new blog. I am glad that i started this, even if it is only just the beginning and does not have much depth yet.

    I hope it keeps me on my toes, offers me motivation and inspiration.

  2. I knew that I wanted to start a blog about my journey to a healthier life based around good food and my workouts, but more often than not I find myself rambling on about things totally unrelated to those topics, haha =)

  3. Haha! I’m all for blogging at work in your down time:-)

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